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At the Big Room in Boyds, MD
How to Attend and What To Expect


RESERVATIONS (which are anticipated to include a voluntary donation to the artist) are required in advance so we can plan appropriately, avoid being overbooked, and ensure that we don't turn attendees away holding reservations for anyone who doesn't arrive. To secure a reservation please contact us at the email listed on this page: contact us with the names and email addresses of the attendees, and we'll confirm the details.

MERCHANDISE: Artists usually bring their CD's and other merchandise. Please come prepared to support them in that way as well if you enjoy their music.

FOOD: We will typically provide *vegetarian* (though not necessarily entirely vegan) light food, snacks, desserts, and some non-alcoholic beverages. Attendees may bring/share *vegetarian* pot luck, desserts, snacks and/or their beverage/s of choice (including alcoholic beverages in moderation and responsibly).

SMOKING: No smoking anywhere inside the house.

LISTENING: Please don't talk to each other during the music.

KIDS: Children who will not cause a disturbance in a concert setting are welcome to attend.

THE CATS: For the highly allergic we do have cats (though they do not generally like crowds and don't seem to be hyper-allergenic).

ACCESSIBILITY: The house is unfortunately not readily wheelchair accessible, but we'll do our best to ensure any who need assistance are well cared for.

As a private event we reserve the right to refuse a reservation to anyone for any reason, and reserve the right to ask anyone we've already invited to leave.

If you have any questions please contact us.