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Saturday July 28, 2012

Life Experience x4 - Exploring the life experiences of four gifted musicians. As a panel, Terry Scott Taylor, Michael Roe, Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong will be sharing with you the kind of knowledge one gains from living life, as opposed to what can be learned in a textbook or school, and how they have personally applied their experiences to a life lived in music.

This panel offers a truly unique depth of applied knowledge, with each member having decades of professional experience, dozens of major label and independent albums to their credit, extensive production, touring, bandleading and session work, recognition from their peers ranging to Grammy nominations, and songwriting efforts that in one instance extended to a four disc series accompanyied by a book. Full biographical information on the panel is below.

1:30pm - Change Your Tune – Learn what the process of writing music has taught them and how they have taken that knowledge and given it back to the music they write. This will include tips, tricks and methods to make music serve both the singer and the song, to ensure the most positive and memorable listening experiences.

2:30pm - It’s Only Words –  Sharing their own lyric writing experiences they will discuss how every lyric one hears can teach us to write and to improve upon our efforts. Using examples from both their personal work and the work of their favorite songwriters they will illustrate what they consider the most important aspects of lyric writing. You will learn about techniques that can improve skills and cautions about common traps to avoid.

3:30pm - Making Tracks – Learn about the process of turning a ‘song’ into a ‘record’ and about the differences between the two. This will go beyond the mechanical techniques of recording and production to reveal the psychology and emotion behind what makes a song come alive in the studio, and then in the ears and minds of listeners.

A Q&A will follow the discussion.

Open to all experience levels (and those who are yet to write their first songs).

Registrants will receive additional information and materials in advance.

Discounted admission to a Lost Dogs concert that evening is available as part of packages.

COST : $75 (also available in discounted packages combined with other activities, including musician's master classes offered the following day).


Advance reservations are required. Activities and the concerts will only be held open until paid reservations reach capacity. Don't delay.

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Terry Scott Taylor is a prolific songwriter, performer and producer. Musically, his influences are somewhere between Rubber Soul (Beatles) and Pet Sounds (Beach Boys); lyrically, he’s probably closest to William Blake, Frederick Buechner, Flannery O’Connor and C.S. Lewis. The front man for the pioneering band Daniel Amos, he has also developed projects as the Swirling Eddies and as a solo artist and co-leads the Lost Dogs with the rest of the members of the panle. Terry won acclaim for composing the music for the videogame “Neverhood,” featuring claymation graphics created by Doug TenNapel and released by DreamWorks Studios in 1996. “Return to The Neverhood,” will be released in the near future with all new music and artwork from the minds of Terry S. Taylor and Doug TenNapel. Terry, along with Rob Watson and Dave Raven, also created the soundtrack for the Nickelodeon cartoon, “Catscratch.” Noted for applying his boundless creativity to detailed explorations of concepts and themes, Terry conceived and wrote the 4-disc Alarma Chronicles (with an accompanying book length story) as well as several multimedia projects.

Michael Roe is a guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer and session player. His influences are vast and varied, from Led Zeppelin to the Rolling Stones, and Simon and Garfunkel to Bob Dylan. Mike is best known as the lead singer and lead guitarist for the rock band, The 77s, but has more recently released several solo albums as well as instrumental albums. In the 1970’s, Mike hosted the radio program, “Rock Scope,” which featured nsightful interviews and music from a wide range of artists including Bob Dylan and T-Bone Burnett. Since the 77's recorded beginnings (distributed by A&M, then Island Records), Michael Roe has carved out a body of work that is broad, well regarded and much acclaimed. In each of his recordings, Roe desires not only to put forth a finely crafted song but also to show himself real - writing from the experience of life's struggles as well as life's joys and promise.

Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong are the long-time leaders of the Grammy nominated band, The Choir. Derri is the vocalist and guitarist while Steve is percussionist and primary lyricist. Within this partnership Derri's talented musicianship and vocals make Steve's deeply personal lyrics seem his own. Steve and Derri have also organized and co-produced a number of other major collaborative album projects, including the highly praised and Dove Award winning “City on a Hill” series, “At The Foot of The Cross”, and "Noel." Steve co-wrote the song “God of Wonders” with Marc Byrd, which NASA used to wake up Discovery astronaut Michael Fossum. In addition to running studios and record labels over the years Derri doubles as a producer and recording engineer and Steve also remains an in-demand producer.