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At the Big Room in Boyds, MD
About Us

We actively booked and produced concerts and promoted a number of bands quite a few years ago and had great fun doing it. After too long a hiatus we're happy to offer a new outlet for fine musicians.

Concerts on the Hill periodically presents performances by carefully selected artists in an intimate house concert setting. We favor music played from the heart, typically by artists we've become friends with, so do not confine our programming to specific genres. We feel strongly that those we present will be remarkable and that anyone attending will enjoy it.

We believe the artists' efforts must be supported, so all proceeds from our productions go directly to the musicians. They will also bring merchandise (often exclusive or hard to find items), so please come prepared to support those efforts too.

Seating is limited, though we hope to accommodate all those who want to attend an event. Confirmed reservations are required in advance, so we know what to set up for.

Concerts on the Hill are private parties in our private home, and are NOT a business, nor are they a business related activity. Voluntary contributions (of varying suggested donations) are accepted on behalf of our artist guests. 100% of all contributions go directly to the performers. Concerts on the Hill are by invitation only.

If you're a musician or an agent looking to get artist/s booked please review the booking information.